What are the benefits of Laughter Therapy?

  • Laughter releases endorphins, the happy chemical, lifting your spirits and energy levels and this feel good factor begins immediately and stays with you, even when the session is over.
  • Laughter lowers stress
  • Laughter strengthens the immune system helping you fight off sickness, speeds recovery if you do get ill, and is a natural pain killer.
  • Deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to your body and brain and flushes stale air from your lungs leaving you feeling energised, creative and motivated.
  • Regular laughter disperses negative emotions like fear and anger, helps you see life in a more positive way and enables you to cope with difficulties without panic and stress.
  • Laughter increases the heart rate and gives a cardio and mid-body workout. 1 minute of laughter is equivalent to 10 minutes on a rowing machine!
  • Laughter increases circulation to the lymphatic and digestive systems and helps flush waste products from the body
  • Laughter is anti-aging
  • It helps you sleep better
  • It lowers blood pressure
  • It increases self esteem
  • Laughter firms facial muscles
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    Published author

    That's right! That's me a published author. Always imagined that I would one day see my name on the front of a book. Must confess I thought it would be a children's story. But my dreams have come true because today I saw my name, Karen Roberts, listed as a co author of the book 'Transformations'. It can be purchased for just 99cents until 6.55a.m. 24th March here in the UK at www.thetransformationsbook.com and there are gifts, bonuses and prizes to win. How Does It Get Any Better Than That?


      What is in the shed? What is lying around in the garden, under the hedge, behind the  barbecue? What’s in the soil? Dead plants? Weeds? Overcrowded areas? All these can be tackled when spring arrives with fine weather and blue skies. A welcome, grounding break from sorting through material possessions! Photograph them NOW!

    Declutter with Laughter

    Just how big is your problem? Before we can start to consider Decluttering with Laughter we need to consider what we are about to tackle. Step 1 Take your camera/phone and go around the house and take pictures everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. Look inside cupboards-snap! Go into the garage/loft/outbuildings-snap! Open drawers-snap! Step 2. Make sure you download/store these pictures in some way. As you work through the clutter you are going to refer back to these photos, see your progress and celebrate with laughter. Your arms above your head as if you had won the Olympics 100m waving them from side to side and laughing with joy at the progress you have made.


    Spire Laughter Club

    45 minutes of fun and laughter every Tuesday 2p.m. at The Nenna Kind Cancer Support Centre (above Dents Chemist) New Square, Chesterfield Derbys. Open to everyone  Adults £2. Children free.