Laughter Therapy with Karen (testimonial from a group) Want to have a laugh, keep fit and feel better?

Then try laughter yoga with Karen. In a safe, caring environment she showed us how to find or reconnect with our inner child, and we laughed till we cried.

We felt supported by Karen's professional approach and found the senarios she suggested both interesting and fun! She helped us with simple breathing exercises and we massaged our internal organs with the positive energies and hysterical laughter.

I felt very uplifted, rejuvenated and internally toned by the whole experience. I would recommend anyone who is feeling down, sad, unwell o rlacking in energy to undertake a session for a therapeutic, informative and invigorating experience.
Karen comes highly recommended.
Di Nixon 24.2 13.

Mildred says about Spire Laughter Club After treatment for cancer I had little direction in my life and never thought I would laugh again. I decided to try Laughter yoga as an alternative to the more serious support groups and it suited me as I didn’t have to talk to new people, have a skill or be too energetic. I found I forgot my problems as I turned my attention to playing, having fun and just laughing for no reason.

Jack aged 8 said- Can I come again next week?