I offer:

Team Building Workshops

Which can be run in a lunch hour or for half a day. They provide many benefits for employers, employees, volunteers and carers. The sessions give background information on laughter and its value, a series of fun exercises and breathing techniques, ideas to increase laughter in the work place and a wonderful opportunity for the workforce to bond with each other in an uplifting experience.

In the work place people who laugh are:

  • Less stressed
  • Healthier, reducing absenteeism through illness
  • More productive and creative, therefore making more money for the company,
  • More inclined to stay in their present job ,
    energised, happier and sociable.

Laughter in Schools

Schools can be stressful environments for staff and pupils. Adding laughter to the daily timetable can;

  • Lower stress levels of teachers
  • Assist children who feel nervous before tests
  • Increase concentration and creativity and so raise academic achievement
  • Help pupils who have difficult home lives to cope with negative feelings and challenges
  • Increase immunity to illnesses
  • Help children breathe deeply improving sport performances and helping them relax before games and competitions
  • Build confidence and social skills.
  • Provide exercise which is often lacking now children spend a lot of spare time with electronic gadgets.
Workshops run with parents are very successful. The children really thrive if there is laughter at home and at school.

Happy Hour Sessions

Lasting an hour these sessions can be themed, consist of a short talk on laughter therapy combined with fun exercises, and even take place in the open air if you fancy silly stroll. They are ideal for schools, birthday parties, home groups, WI meetings- in fact EVERYBODY

Silly Stroll

Join me for a silly stroll in the countryside where we can flout convention and laugh out loud, surrounded by fresh air, fields and open skies. I will teach exercises that show you how it is possible to have fun and laugh where ever you are! Try it and see for yourself (dogs welcome, they love the sound of laughter!).

One to one

Sessions are run via skype, the telephone or on riotous rambles in the countryside (dogs welcome) The aim of these one to one meetings is to provide you with tools to increase the laughter and happiness in all areas of your life. I will teach you simple exercises that will help you laugh even on days when you don’t feel happy.

  • Your health will benefit,
  • You will feel more peaceful ,creative ,optimistic and confident .
  • Your energy levels will increase
  • You will have tools to release negative feelings, such as anger and fear, which can cause stress, unhappiness and dis-ease to your body
  • You will be able to face challenges with a more positive attitude
  • And discover many more benefits that laughing, just because you can, brings to your life.
  • Here hoping you will Come Laugh With Me soon!